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A Saluti is a greeting in Italian, the gourmet store therefore greets people with a love and passion for the best value for money speciality foods imported from around the globe and produced in India.

The range of variety offered at Asaluti is vast, covering many D.O (designation of origin) & P.O.D (protected designation of origin) speciality cheeses, such as Swiss Gruyere that is one of Switzerland’s most celebrated cheeses, Grana Padano & Parmigiano Reggiano two of the most well know cheeses from Italy that are craved the world over for their amazing flavour & authentic Feta from Greece another very renowned cheese that is commonly consumed etc.

In addition to the area protected cheeses, A Saluti offers an even wider assortment of cheeses from around the world, such as the Brie straight from the village of Brie, French and Spanish goat cheeses, Italian Gorgonzola, Dutch Edam and Gouda, Danish Blue cheese etc. they similarly offer other dairy products like butter and whipping cream that are made from the best milks on earth.

Asaluti doesn’t stop at cheese and dairy, they also offer an exquisite and outstanding variety of Meats, Poultry and Sea food prudently picked from countries known for their spectacular produce, as well as from in and around the sub-continent. Among the substantial assortment are a few P.G.I (protected geographical indication) & P.D.O (protected designation of origin) meats, such as the world renowned Mortadella and Parma ham from Italy. The seafood available is SFF (sustainable fisheries foundation) & MSC (marine stewardship council) certified, as to ensure the best practices in the procuring of these rare, beautiful and genuine products.

A Saluti shall also be showcasing a wide variety of high quality Syrups & pastas from Italy and India, healthy and fun cereals, Chocolates, organic bars and frozen ready to eat foods.

We have a whole range of In-House Products made from the highest quality of ingredients that include: Dips – Mexican, Tuna Salad, Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut, Mediterranean, Cranberry & Black Pepper … and more. Desserts – Chocolate cupcakes, Brownies, Apple & Cinnamon Streusel loaf cake, New York Cheesecake, Gateau Basque, Chocolate & Vanilla Eclairs, Granola with Maple Yogurt, Cookies … and more. Frozen Foods – Veg, Chicken & Mutton Stocks, Balsamic Onion Chutney, Neurenberg Sausage Rolls, Marinara, Black Pepper & Fire Sauces, Red & Green Pesto, Chicken Bolognaise… and more


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International Cooking Ingredients

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Growing up in Lagos, Milanda knew from an early age that her career would take a culinary path when she baked her first cake at the age of 8. As a child, not only did she innovate in creating classic and decadent cakes and pastries, but she often spent her free time in the kitchen, baking them for her family.

Milanda completed her culinary education in Hong Kong with Patricia Moussempes from Lenôtre, Paris. Over the years, she supplemented her learning and studied at various institutes in Singapore, and the U.S.


Mumbai has always harboured a multitude of people from various parts of India, therefore Sapna born in Mumbai in 1964, growing up eating the various street foods, as well as a multitude of wide variety of cuisines originating from all over India she was always fascinated with food.

After her schooling and higher education, she developed an even deeper affection for good food and gourmet cuisine that drove her towards joining Fortune Gourmet Specialities PVT LTD in 1997.

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